My Second Family

I recently went out to B’s parents’ house for his Dad’s 50th birthday and also to shoot some pics for his brother Nick who is soon leaving for Germany (I’m so jealous!!!).  Of course there was tons of fabulous food and I ate until I was way overstuffed.  I also got some great pictures of the family and their dogs Annabelle, Fezik and Elsa.  Fezik and Else are absolutely huge they already weigh over a 100lbs. and they are only like seven months old!  While I was walking around out there I was totally think how gorgeous their property is and I need to remember to bring my camera whenever we go out there.

See absolutely gorgeous!

Here is one of the beasts Fezik and here is Elsa.  They are massive but so sweet!  Annabelle is looking so sweet at the bottom too, she has the best personality!

And they have two beautiful horses, I’m so jealous!

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