Where Do I Begin?

Someone asked me a question a couple of days ago that may have been one of the best compliments I have ever received.  She asked, “do you know how you got to be who you are because I don’t know anyone your age like you?”  Now not everyone would see that as a positive, but to me, someone who doesn’t necessarily strive to be like the average 25 year old, that was an amazing compliment she gave me.  It also got me thinking, how did I become this person well… where do I begin?

To say I was always the person I am today would be wrong, I’m not a totally different but I think I  have changed many aspects of my life and personality purposefully.  There was a time where I walked the line and was extremely driven to perform academically.  So I worked my butt off in high-school and college, did an extracuricullar sports and volunteered  at a local hospital, not neccessarily because I enjoyed these activities but because those things would get me into college, and doing well in college and graduating with my degree would inevitably lead me to my high-powered six figure corporate job with the house and cars to match.  So I went down this path always driving towards my goal, I graduated with good marks from college and got a job.  Then one day it felt like life smacked me over the head, and I realized I wasn’t happy.  There was this big gapping hole in my life… and I realized that I utterly lacked passion.  Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have a bad life, I was extremely grateful for the roof over my head, B and my great family, but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew life could be so much more…so much better.

So one day I made the goal to “Pursue Passion” this is something I can and will write another post about in the future, but basically it meant that I made a point to try and find things that made me more happy and that added more pleasure and enjoyment into my life.  I’m not really into that whole “Secret” thing (you know the whole imagine what you want and it will appear…I still remember that time on Oprah when they were like imagine a new car and it will appear in your driveway, I was always thinking if I could get anything by thinking about it why would I waste my time on a car…anyways I digress) but it did kind of feel like once I comitted to pursuing a different lifestyle that photography kind of just appeared.  First Dad started taking photos and I was just assisted on the shoots and then B, my husband, got me a camera for Christmas and it just kind of felt like things just started clicking into place.

So now here I am, not a completely different person, my old habits still rear their head from time to time, but I’m working towards what I want from life and for the first time in a long time I really feel like I’m getting there.


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