Albus the model

I have two awesome dogs, who I call my pups and my mom calls her grandpups…too say they get a lot of love and are spoiled is an understatement.  I call them the odd couple because there is Marley, energetic, spastics and totally gorgeous and then there is Albus short stout, goofy Basset-Beagle mix (just in case you wanted to know they call this mix a Bagel 🙂 ).  Albus is a complete model and will totally sit and pose for the camera and Marley is the exact opposite always running around and moving at the last second and ruining your shot.  Well the other day I was after the “Albus” shot, you know the one I could frame and put in my new house.  Usually it is so easy to get a great picture of him but this day he was in rare form, it must have been the beautiful weather.  So after chasing both of them with the camera for an hour I think I finally nailed it.

What you don’t see is that the only way I could get them to stand still was by holding their favorite ball right above my head. 😉


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  1. ValereJ
    May 16, 2010 @ 00:11:42

    This is an incredible picture, totally capturing the very separate personalities of “my grandpups”..and yes this is the pup Grandma commenting. First you have Marley (the wild child as I call her) in the background, tongue hanging out, as it always is, in launch position…as stated Erika in her writing she is holding their beloved ball over her head to get the shot, and then there is Albus, or as is affectionally called by most “Mini” or as pup Grandpa calls him “bumblehead, Beavis or dare I sat Butthead..who knows why his only personal way of showing affection”, anyway I too digress…as I was saying there is Albus is the foreground looking calm, cool and quite astute, just waiting for the picture to be taken so he can race sister Marley for the ball…I admit, I am a very proud Grandma and hold within my heart these two very special spirits, more full of personality and love than any human I have ever met!! Great shot darling…says it all!


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